Goodman Excavation & Site Development

Demolition, Excavation & Site Development

We can service all your dirt work needs for site development.  We clear the land from debris, grade to level, and with our excavator we can dig footings, crawl spaces or basements.  With our skid steer compactor attachment, we can compact the ground and/or rock where needed, this includes roads and driveways.  We also dig sewer systems and for any needed underground electrical wiring and water pipes.  

After your home is built and you’re ready for landscaping, we can help with that.  We dig ponds, build berms, haul rock, etc.

For Demolition & Excavation, depending on the project size, we will bring our Backhoe and/or a larger Excavator.

  1. We dig ponds, ditches & post holes .
  2. Dig out trenches for pipe laying & drainage.
  3. Demolish any structure on site.
  4. Remove debris after demolition.
  5. Any other service you need that is not listed, please let us know and we will reach the best solution for you.

Service areas include:

Treasure Valley, Caldwell, Nampa, Boise, Middleton, Meridian, Kuna, Parma and more!

A minimum of 7 ft access is needed to fit our tractor in your yard or field.

Demolition & Haul Off

Demolition Service in Boise

Thinking of rebuilding or demolishing an old building? We tear down and haul off all debris which includes cement. We also fine grade the site.

Property Clean Up

Landclearing Services

We clean and take away anything from brush, piles of wood and construction trash.

Site Prep/ Foundation Digs

foundation digs

Digging a good foundation is a lot more than just digging a hole. We clear the land of debris, grade to level, and with your plans & our excavator we can dig the footings, crawl spaces or basements. We also prep and haul in rock for your flat work.

Perc Test Dig

Test Hole Digs

The first step to putting in an onsite septic is the perc test. Call us and we will set up a time to meet with the inspector so you can get this first step over with. We will also take off the cost of this perc test if you allow us to install your new septic system.

Septic Dig & Install

Septic Tanks

We offer new septic installs. We are insured, licensed and bonded in the State of Idaho.

Post Hole Digs

Popst Hole Digging

With our skid steer we are able to use front down pressure to dig most any hole sizes. We currently have a 9, 12 and 24 inch auger but we are always able to get augers for any size you may need.

Culvert Install

Culvert Installation

Culverts allow water to go underneath a road or driveway using a corrugated pipe to withstand weight. You can also use one to hide a ditch underground away from small children.

Pond Digging

digging services

We can dig you a large or a small pond. Call me so we can discuss your project. I give free estimates.

Concrete Removal

concrete removal
If you have a slab or chunks of concrete you want gone, let us know and we will break it up and haul it off.

Excavation Work

excavation work

I am a skilled Excavator owner/operator. I do not perform any digging on your property unless I call digline first. This is Idaho's law and the fee's and possible damage to unknown underground utilities can be expensive. Please allow 3 days from the time you call me to the start of any digging project.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

If you have an emergency, please feel free to call our after hours number at 208-477-3347.

Freeze Bib Install or Repair

freeze bib install or repair

To keep from hauling water, this is a frost free faucet you can have placed anywhere on your property. A lot of our customers have live stock and having a water spigot near their water trough is a huge asset. Call me to install or just repair your frost free faucet and throw away those long hoses.

Gravel Roads & Parking Lot Grading

Gravel Road Grading

Anyone with a gravel driveway or parking lot is probably familiar with the way that potholes can form over time, attracting water during rainstorms to form mud puddles that gradually grow larger it becomes quite uneven and bumpy. Gravel driveways and parking lots need to be graded or potholes dug out to restore them to peak condition. Call me for your free estimate.

French Drain

French Drain Installation

You should not have to put up with flooding. Redirect water away from your buildings or low spots with a French drain. A French drain is just a simple ditch in the ground. You don't see it, but it's there to protect your property. Ask me how I can help with your flooding problems.

Ditch Digging

Ditch Digging

We dig ponds, ditches & post holes. We dig trenches for pipe laying & drainage. We can also install freeze bibs. We also offer miscellaneous other digging projects.

Miscellaneous Services

property improvement
We offer services to custom fit your projects. If you don't see what your looking for on our website or Facebook page, please call and let us know what you need. In this picture, the homeowner wanted to be able to see the river that ran next to his back yard. Before you would only see weeds.

Snow Plowing

snow plowing

We offer per push or seasonal rates. We also offer calcium chloride and/or salt applications.

If your project is not listed here, please let us know.

Our specialty is Custom Excavating and Hauling Services, but we are always adding more services to our specialties.

24 Hour Emergency Services

We provide 24 hour emergency services. If you have an urgent project that needs to be right the first time, Goodman  Excavation & Hauling is here to help. Day or night, don't hesitate to call.



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